When will CloudFiler be available for purchase?

When will CloudFiler be available for purchase?

This question comes up quite frequently so we thought it would be helpful to clarify where we are with CloudFiler and whether you can buy licenses, along with what to expect.

We now have the core features that all email management platforms offer, including but not limited to: allowing customers to both file and search from any device, create filing locations, and optionally sync messages to their own storage. There are some capabilities that we feel greatly enhance the user experience which we are currently working towards such as our new customer portal. Additionally, we will continue to further refine, expand, and enhance both the interface and feature set offered by the search tool as well as listening to valued user feedback.

We already have a good number of businesses using the software worldwide including the UK, North America, Africa and the Middle East, and these organisations are happy to use it in its current state.

The new features currently under development are expected to become available later this quarter and that will mark the end of the early adopter trial phase, shortly to be followed by an announcement that that product is officially released. At that point, we will also update our website to provide full pricing information and options.

Can you license it now?

If you are happy to accept the product as it is, then you can license CloudFiler now and join our growing community, otherwise keep checking our web site as things are moving rapidly.