Commercial sales started despite official release later in Q1

Commercial sales started despite official release later in Q1

Despite the product being in a trial phase, some businesses have been keen to start now and are licensing the product in advance of the planned release later in Q1, and in the full knowledge that some capabilities are work-in-progress. For example, we have only recently added keyword highlighting to the search preview.

We received some good news from Microsoft earlier in December as they are testing a new multi-select capability for Add-ins; when showing our software, we have had to explain that whilst the Add-in approach has numerous benefits, Microsoft do not allow users to select multiple emails and file them all at once. This improvement will remove the limitation and we look forward to implementing it once it is formally released.

Security details

Some of our customers handle sensitive projects and need written clarification of how CloudFiler addresses all aspects of security. If you are in a similar position, please take a look at the Security page in our on-line documentation as this has been recently updated.

Busy busy busy

We are busy and looking forward to an even busier 2023.