CloudFiler was initially an aspiration; something we hoped would one day be possible but remained out of reach. 

We started designing the product in late 2016 but encountered many technical hurdles. By mid-2021 the last issues were resolved and the product became a reality. 



Founder and Managing Director

Alec’s first email management tool was Mail Manager, now owned by Ideagen, which he created with some wonderful and talented colleagues in Arup Group Ltd where he held the roles of Software Technology Group Director and Global Systems Group Director whilst also acting as Managing Director of Arup’s software house Oasys Ltd.

Alec’s second email management tool was Excitech Mail which he designed with Excitech Ltd’s skilled developers.

Alec is ‘Captain Boring’ if you get him on his pet subject – email management.


Joseph Anderson

Founder and Chief Technical Officer

Joseph Anderson

Joseph is a professional software engineer with experience across a diverse portfolio of sectors at an enterprise level.

His undergraduate thesis was entitled 'Intelligent Email Filtering with Neural Networks' and he has been developing document and email management software since in 2004. He first met Alec while working at Arup Group Ltd where he developed both document management and accounting systems. He then moved into financial services where he managed teams developing highly secure and scalable customer-facing facilities for a major UK bank.

More recently, Joseph led teams developing mobile based high availability cashless payment services for an international consumer-facing business.