Key Differentiators

Any device

  •  File and search via PC’s, Macs, phones, tablets and browsers

User Experience

  • Modern and pleasant to use interface
  • Shows you whether an email has already been filed, where to, when and by whom
  • Language localisation (planned)

Future ready and integrated

  • Works with both old and ‘New Outlook’
  • Sync emails to many storage types e.g. SharePoint, OneDrive, DropBox, Egnyte, etc.
  • API enables your developers to integrate it easily if required

Unique search capabilities

  • Crazy fast
  • Central index is always up-to-date
  • No network thrashing due to each computer building its own index
  • Search for text in attachments including text in photos and scanned documents
    • Supported text formats include Microsoft Office and PDF
    • Supported image formats: BMP/JPG/JPEG/PNG/SVG/GIF/TIF/TIFF/ICO/IMG/WEBP
  • Filter on a defined selection of locations at once
  • File to multiple locations at once

Centralised, secure and hassle-free management

  • Central role-based security
  • 4 copies of each email kept in the cloud for performance and continuity
  • Use more licenses than you own in any 30-day period
  • Automatic license allocation and de-allocation – nothing to manage
  • Includes tools to manage locations via spreadsheets
  • Offers a rich programming interface


Switching to CloudFiler is easy

  • Migration from a legacy system is fast and typically one button click
  • Low cost – typically £66/user/year