Getting ready for 'New Outlook' - part 4

Getting ready for 'New Outlook' - part 4

Technology has changed significantly in recent years as have customer expectations and needs.

In this series of articles we will look at how ‘New Outlook’ impacts businesses.

From Own IT to cloud based

It was once normal to have all I.T. in-house. Businesses had their own servers and nothing was stored in the cloud, but things have changed dramatically. According to Statista, 84% of Microsoft Exchange mailboxes are now on-line with only 16% on-prem.

The flexibility, ease of management and lower costs make cloud based computing compelling for businesses both large and small. Cloud based services are also more reliable because the infrastructure is monitored and maintained by companies such as Microsoft, Amazon and Google who are responsible for a combined 66% market share of Cloud computing (Dec 2023 figures).


Get ready for ‘New Outlook’

Microsoft’s ‘New Outlook’ is attractive for similar reasons because it’s a totally web based approach; no more locally installed software to maintain and the experience is consistent and reliable across all devices, which is why we ensured that CloudFiler works seamlessly with ‘New Outlook’ whilst at the same time supporting the legacy desktop versions of Outlook so that you have complete choice.

If you are planning to adopt an email management system, make sure that it not only works with ‘New Outlook’ on a P.C., but also works equally well on all the other supported platforms both for filing and searching i.e. PC’s, Macs, phones, tablets and browsers, as most systems don’t enable you to search from other devices.