WH Architects - Case study

WH Architects is group of architects and designers based in Bristol providing a full range of services on projects across the South of England.


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The business needed a solution and took time to assess the market:

We had a clear need to improve the handling of our communications, so after exploring how other businesses addressed the problem, we actively researched the market and assessed a range of solutions.” explained Office Manager Amber Knowles.

We initially favoured a well-established product but are so pleased that we came across CloudFiler because it was immediately clear that it had all the things that we were looking for, without the disadvantages of other systems.”

The business wanted something that not only met their current needs but also supported their strategic direction:

To maintain our technical edge and reduce reliance on locally managed I.T., moving to the cloud was important for us. Our staff are often out on site or visiting clients, so support for mobiles and tablets was critical too.”

The labour and cost of data migration was a concern:

Our emails were organised in a shared inbox which had become enormous, so an early concern was the effort required to migrate this data. Whereas other vendors quoted expensive day rates to do this for us, Dinamich taught us how to do it using their Folder Exporter at no additional cost and helped us every step of the way. Their technical support has been exceptional; competent, helpful, polite and responsive.”

The software was quickly embraced by all users:

We were impressed with the ease of use and modern user interface, which is important if you expect staff to be using this throughout their day. It also became clear that CloudFiler is continually improving as we typically receive new features and improvements every 2-4 weeks.”

CloudFiler has made a huge impact on our business. Organising email by each project has become simple and second nature, and finding them is super-fast and easy. It’s not only made us far more efficient, but it has also reduced risk by ensuring that we can provide evidence of a communication instantly.”