StructureMode - Case study


StructureMode was founded in 2007 to offer proactive structural engineering design services. 


“We promote changes to the architectural design to make it sympathetic to the structure, rather than the structure blindly facilitating an initial architectural vision. In this way we achieve sustainability, efficiency and quality, as well as celebrating beauty in the structure itself.” Explains founding director Geoff Morrow.

“To assist us in this mission it’s critical that we can efficiently access our current and past email correspondence, and the knowledge contained within it. This is where CloudFiler is an essential part of our toolkit.”

Their previous system had become expensive, resource-intensive, and poorly supported:

“We had used our Oasys email management system for many years, but unfortunately the cost soared after it was sold to new owners who didn’t want to accommodate or support a small business like ours.

Furthermore, the system required enormous amounts of local processing power and clogged up our local network; all our users need access to all projects and hence were indexing all the networked folders, multiplying the computing resources required and swamping the network in pointless traffic. This overheated my laptop and reduced everyone’s productivity.

By comparison, CloudFiler is a lightweight system using hardly any local computing or network resources, and is compatible with both our earlier versions of Outlook and the new online Outlook too.”

It was the right decision for StructureMode.

“We are delighted to have found CloudFiler, the switch-over was easy and we feel valued once again. Thoroughly recommended to all our friends, colleagues and business contacts.”