FBM Architects - Case study

FBM Architects is an award-winning architectural practice based in London, England. Established in 1991, the firm was founded by architects Simon Fraser, Angus Brown, and Martin MacKenna.

Their mission is to create inspiring contemporary buildings that positively impact people’s lives. FBM Architects focus on principles such as distilling complex briefs into simple spatial solutions and ensuring flexibility within building forms to accommodate future changes. They believe in delivering successful results even with limited resources through intelligent design solutions. Notable projects include the Museum of the Mind and Bethlem GalleryFlexible Workspaces for IBM, and the London School of Economics. Their contextual design approach has led to diverse projects, from wildlife reserves to flood plains. FBM design and deliver projects of varied scale and complexity, from small sites to large scale multi-unit and mixed use schemes of up to 1000 units, for private developers, local authorities and affordable housing providers.

Director Andrew Bacon was unhappy with their then-current email management software and in particular the service they were receiving after the product was sold by Arup to its new owners, so in early 2023 they were looking for alternatives.

We had experienced a noticeable drop in customer service and resolution of issues with our previous supplier, against upward price increases with no obvious user benefit.”

They came across CloudFiler just as it was launched.

CloudFiler was not perfect when we first started to use it. In particular, the early search engine was not good enough for our needs, but the support we received has been excellent and the new search engine is a breath of fresh air, it’s incredibly fast and so much more capable than anything we had before”.

The move to CloudFiler also added further capabilities for FBM.

A big bonus for us has been the ability to file/search for emails on our mobile devices, not just our desktops. If you are on site and need to resolve a problem or are about to visit a client and just need to refresh your memory of recent exchanges, it’s invaluable.”

 Security and visibility of confidential information was also something FBM wanted to address. 

CloudFiler’s ability to make folders confidential to specific users is another big plus for us”.


CloudFiler is a far more modern application that is ideally suited to meet our current and future needs; and another bonus is that it’s saving us money too.”