DRAC Consulting - Case study

DRAC Consulting, established in 2009, is a Building Services and Sustainability Consultancy based in Cardiff, Wales. With over 30 years of industry experience, the company specialises in mechanical, electrical, public health, and sustainability consultancy for the built environment. DRAC Consulting is known for its hands-on approach, with directors Carl Bassett and Russell Williams leading a team that delivers a full range of engineering design services across various sectors, including retail, industrial, commercial, healthcare, and education.

The firm stands out for its expertise in Supervisor Services and Independent Commissioner/Certifier services for projects throughout Wales and England, including the BBC Wales Broadcasting House, Tŷ William Morgan UK Government Hub and the Cardiff Interchange.

DRAC Consulting's dedication to designing for the future is reflected in its work, which is both Welsh at heart and global in spirit. The blend of experience, client-centric service, and sustainability expertise makes DRAC Consulting a distinguished name in the industry.

Director Carl Bassett was keen to move off their old email management tool.

"When we first purchased the our old system from Oasys Ltd, it worked well, the support was good, and the price was acceptable, but a lot changed. In our fast-paced work as building services engineers, we rely on mobile communications to work in transit, at client offices, or on-site to quickly resolve issues. So we needed it to keep up with technology but when the ownership changed hands, the price rose dramatically each year and the software failed to keep up with our needs.

"We looked for other email management tools, but none had the capabilities of CloudFiler despite being either similarly priced or in many cases, more expensive.

So, the choice was easy because CloudFiler was the only product that could both file and search from our phones and tablets. This benefit is hard to quantify as it's difficult to imagine how we managed without it."

Carl is pleased that they made the switch to CloudFiler.

"Working with the people at Dinamich was a breath of fresh air. They were there when we needed them, quick to help, and they made the transition smooth and easy. They are also a very open and flexible business; for example, if we temporarily need more licences, there is no charge.  

"We are delighted to have found CloudFiler and relieved to have made the switch, not least because it saves us money.