Callisto Pharma Group - Case study

 Callisto Pharma Group provides a range of regulatory and consulting services to pharmaceutical manufacturers across the whole supply chain within multiple regulated sectors including human, veterinary and herbal medicines, borderline products, biocides, medical devices, and food supplements.


 “Due to the highly regulated nature of our work and the wide range of: products, clients and third parties and that we deal with, reliable and auditable handling of data is a necessity.” explains Operations Director Paul Bunyan.

“For example, our Pharmacovigilance service involves collating notifications of potential adverse reactions to our clients’ products. We have to maintain reliable records for our clients of all such instances including all the related correspondence and follow-up with all concerned parties. It’s a complex chain and any one part can be vital evidence, so we need a reliable way to file this information and a fast and efficient way to find the right piece of correspondence when needed.”

“We had been using an email management system originally developed and spun out from a large multi-national Consulting Engineering company. It hadn’t changed much over the years and search results were dependent on individuals’ laptops having indexed the data, which was not guaranteed. The price kept rising each year and with imminent changes to Microsoft Outlook which the existing system did not support, we needed a more robust system and we also wanted to move to a more future proof cloud based model that enabled mobility and home working. CloudFiler fulfilled all those needs and for considerably less cost.”

“Despite the lower cost, the quality and responsiveness of support has been excellent and we benefit from frequent improvements to the software throughout the year too”.

“We would recommend CloudFiler to any business and not just those that need to meet the stringent regulatory requirements that we work to”.