Abseline - Case study

Abseline is a recently formed landscape planning and EIA consultancy primarily working across large scale energy, infrastructure, commercial and residential development projects. 


Having worked at a number of different consultancies over the years with various approaches to email management, the Partners were clear on their requirement for a high performance email management system. Mark, one of the Partners, notes that “working across a large number of complex projects simultaneously it’s very important to be able to keep track of all incoming and outgoing correspondence with minimal time overhead and without laborious manual processing.”


Although the Partners were familiar with other popular systems, they took the time to review the market. Mark explains: “as a small business just starting up, we were looking for an easy, adaptable and cost effective system. Our own processes are new and constantly under development so we needed a system that could grow with us. Although CloudFiler was a new product, its initial core functions met our immediate needs and the development roadmap gave us confidence that future functionality would align with our anticipated future needs. We adopted the product prior to the commercial release and since then there has been a steady stream of clearly communicated updates, new features and bug fixes. 

Set-up was straightforward and did not require detailed technical knowledge, with everything well documented and the CloudFiler team always on hand to assist with anything required. We would happily recommend CloudFiler to other businesses and fully expect the product to continue meeting our needs as our business develops.”