November 2022 Progress Update

Early Adopter progress

The early adopters phase continues and the following snippet of an internal email from one of the businesses, sums it up nicely.


“The early adopter process has gone well, there was a small hiccup in the order processing which the Dinamich guys were quick to resolve. The installation instructions were clear and easy to follow but we had to wait around 24 hours for Microsoft to recognise our set-up, after that it all started to work. We did find a bug in the Add Location App that initially prevented us from adding locations, but the tool writes its own log files so we sent them to Dinamich and they sent us an updated App that same morning. So far, we have found the software easy to use and intuitive.” – Warren


Prompt to file

We will be updating the videos on our web site as the product will now, at the moment of sending, prompt you to check that you have selected the filing location/s for the message. This was a much-requested item.