CloudFiler's approach to filing outgoing messages

CloudFiler's approach to filing outgoing messages

When developing an earlier email management system, a colleague asked why he had to tell the computer where to file a message. He believed that the machine could, work out where to file a message, that it would always be 100% correct, and it could thus file emails automatically.

Whilst recent advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence are improving computing's ability to make the same decisions that humans would, they don't always have the information required to make the right decision.

Consider the following reply to thread regarding "Project A". 

"Following the great work that you did on Project A, I'm pleased to confirm that we would like you to undertake the design work on the confidential project we discussed earlier in the week".

A computer might be able to work out that this message needs to be filed to a new project, but it won't have a clue what to call that project it because that vital piece of information is missing.

So whilst CloudFiler offers highly accurate filing suggestions, we recognise that you need to make the final choice.

Getting good at predicting where you will file a message has enabled us to get pretty close to what that colleague wanted. He would be pleased to see that CloudFiler auto-selects the location that has the highest confidence score, so he can just send the email and it will be both sent and filed without him taking any other action. 

We also realised that there are times when you need to file messages to more than one place. For example, you may receive an invoice that needs to be filed to: the supplier's folder, the project and to an accounting location. So with CloudFiler you can add further locations as you write the message.

The video shows how CloudFiler makes these processes easy.