Weetwood - Case study

Weetwood is a leading independent consultancy specialising in flood risk, drainage, and water management. Established in 1998, Weetwood provides flood risk assessmentssurface water and foul water drainage solutionsenvironmental impact assessments, and utility assessments to a broad range of clients across the UK.


Financial Manager Rachael Mortiboy first became aware of CloudFiler in late 2023 and was open to moving from their old system.

We had become increasingly frustrated with the email management software that we were using at the time. The product had changed hands and the new owners had increased the costs significantly, but the software remained largely the same. In addition, we were dissatisfied with the support we were receiving which used to be instant but had deteriorated to days. On top of this we were being forced into a 2-year agreement.”

Rachael found both CloudFiler and the Dinamich team to be a refreshing change.

Moving to CloudFiler was easy and the support we received throughout was excellent. The cloud based approach is more resilient than a local storage only system, and we have found that things which would previously have been either impossible or frustrating were simple with CloudFiler, for example we could file and view emails via phones when out of the office.”


Rachael found the management of licenses was also notably different.

We used to have issues with the licensing. They could be lost if machines were rebuilt, there was a cost to move them, the vendor was slow to respond and even had a different understanding of the number we owned.  We don’t have any of these issues now as CloudFiler’s licensing is completely automatic.