Casswell Bank Architects - Care Study





Casswell Bank Architects is an architectural practice based in east London.


Sam Casswell approached Dinamich Ltd when it became clear that their software was no longer fit for purpose.


 “We had used Mail Manager since setting up our practice, however when the last renewal came around there seemed to be a huge jump in the price.” said Sam whose practice adopted CloudFiler before it was commercially released.


“We want to ensure our practise remains dynamic in regard to new software and technology. In today’s world we need to be productive when we are out of the office, whether that’s when working from home, on-site or in transit. We also see that our computing future is a more cloud based one, enabling us to gain all the flexibility and security that this offers without the burden of owning and maintaining the hardware.


Sam was initially disappointed that nothing seemed to meet their needs.

“Whilst there are other email management products, none of them were quite what we needed, but then I came across some news about CloudFiler and it seemed to be exactly what we were looking for.”


CloudFiler was still a work-in-progress product at that time, so Sam was cautious.

“We couldn’t afford to risk the business with un-tried software, but Dinamich were very open, telling us about which parts were not quite finished and which parts had yet to be developed. As the core capabilities of the product were working, we initially started with a handful of licences. Since then all staff are now using the software and we are planning to purchase more licences as we expand the business.”


Sam feels they made the right move.

“Changing any system is fraught with uncertainty and taking on a part-built product may have seemed like insanity to some, but it was clear to us that the Dinamich team knew what they were doing, had a track record in this field and were making rapid progress. They had also made it easy for customers to deploy, so we undertook the installation process ourselves and then migrated all of our projects using the CloudFiler Bulk Uploader, all without assistance. So the switch was painless and we definitely made the right decision.”