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  What our customers have to say

We had been looking for an efficient email management solution for a while. Other products we had tried were too complicated and inflexible. CloudFiler is a huge improvement on these. We recommend CloudFiler to all the businesses that we work with.

Dean, Eislers Engineering & Consulting


We have over 400 staff many of whom had used and favoured email management products from their earlier careers, we also have a diverse range of needs as some staff spend the majority of their day away from a desk with just a mobile phone and/or tablet, working across multiple operating systems; Windows, Mac, Chrome, Android . So we were very careful to review the market. CloudFiler ticks all the boxes, is easy to deploy and manage, is inexpensive and liked by all that use it.

David, Curtins Consulting Engineers


We had been using an email management system originally developed and spun out from a large multi-national Consulting Engineering company. It hadn’t changed much over the years and search results were dependant on individuals’ laptops having indexed the data, which was not guaranteed. The price kept rising each year and with imminent changes to Microsoft Outlook which the existing system did not support, we needed a more robust system and we also wanted to move to a more future proof cloud based model that enabled mobility and home working. CloudFiler fulfilled all those needs and for considerably less cost.

Paul, Callisto Pharma Group


We adopted CloudFiler to replace Mail Manager and are pleased that we took the plunge as it's easier to use and provides us with the ability to work with all our devices. Ours is a small practice and we don’t have dedicated IT support in-house, so there was a concern that the deployment and data migration would require expert help and additional cost, but it was both simple and easy and the Dinamich team called from time to time just to make sure that all was fine, which was refreshing and welcomed.

Sam,  Casswell Bank Architects


The CloudFiler guys are: very knowledgeable, flexible and quick to respond to support issues; when we were running our pilot, we identified a problem on a Thursday and they had a fix with us on the Sunday. The product is far superior to our previous system and we are looking forward to deploying it further into the business in the coming months.

Scott, EDGE Consulting Engineers


We looked for other email management tools, but none had the capabilities of CloudFiler despite being either similarly priced or in many cases, more expensive.

Carl, DRAC Consulting


We needed some technical assistance in migrating data from our old system but the support we received was excellent and CloudFiler is easy and pleasant to use.

Great product and nice people to work with.

Ross, mesh


Although CloudFiler was a new product, its initial core functions met our immediate needs and the development roadmap gave us confidence that future functionality would align with our anticipated future needs. We adopted the product prior to the commercial release and since then there has been a steady stream of clearly communicated updates, new features and bug fixes.

Mark,  Abseline


We are delighted to have found CloudFiler, the switch-over was easy and we feel valued once again. Thoroughly recommended to all our friends, colleagues and business contacts. Having uninstalled our old Oasys email management software, Outlook is working so much faster! Your software is working well and is vastly superior 😊 Well done

Geoff, StructureMode


We had experienced a noticeable drop in customer service and resolution of issues with our previous supplier, against upward price increases with no obvious user benefit.

CloudFiler is a far more modern application that is ideally suited to meet our current and future needs; and another bonus is that it’s saving us money too.  

Andrew, FBM Architects


We are very happy with CloudFiler, enjoy working with the CloudFiler team and are excited about how the product evolves into the future.

Simon, HPA Architects


Moving to CloudFiler was easy and the support we received throughout was excellent. The cloud based approach is more resilient than a local storage only system, and we have found that things which would previously have been either impossible or frustrating were simple with CloudFiler, for example we could file and view emails via phones when out of the office.

Rachael, Weetwood 



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