I'd like you to meet Pico

I'd like you to meet Pico

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When you want to find an email, or perhaps an attachment to it, two things really count, speed and the flexibility of the search, which is why we built Pico.

Pico is our astonishingly fast purpose-built search engine, which instantly finds text in emails and their attachments. You can even search for text in images such as screenshots, photos, receipts and scanned documents.

All of the search filters can been combined, helping you to narrow down your target.

So if you know that the email was last year, involved a particular person, or was limited to a number of filing locations, you can rapidly find it.

The keyword field provides a Google-like search, finding text anywhere, including images embedded in your emails or attached to them.

There’s even a selection of specific filters for attachments enabling you to rapidly locate the right content.

What’s more it works on all your devices at no extra cost, so you can search via your phones, tablets, Macs and browsers too.


For more details, take a look at our short videos or browse the CloudFiler web site.