CloudFiler & Mail Manager comparison

Is CloudFiler a suitable alternative to Mail Manager?

Both products integrate with Microsoft's Outlook to provide intuitive filing and searching of email.

You may have specific needs, so a lot depends on what you want from the product, but for the vast majority of businesses, CloudFiler is an ideal alternative which: offers a host of extra capabilities, is a pleasure to use and is cheaper to license.

You may be surprised to learn that CloudFiler was designed by the same minds that created Mail Manager. We left Arup before Mail Manager was sold to Ideagen and decided to take a fresh approach by using new technologies to deliver a modern, versatile and reliable product. (About us)

   Supported environments for file & search

  Mail Manager CloudFiler
Windows desktop
Android (phones and tablets)
iOS (iPhones and iPads)
OS X (Apple Macs)


 User experience

  Mail Manager CloudFiler
Well integrated with Outlook
Modern user interface designed for touch interfaces
User preferences shared with all devices
Suggested locations shared with all devices
Intelligent location suggestions are based on where both you AND your colleagues file - new users don't need to teach it
File to multiple locations at once
Filed emails show where they were filed to


   Search capabilities

  Mail Manager CloudFiler
Full HTML preview
Seach via Windows desktop
Search via Android phones and tablets
Search via iPhones and iPads
Search via Apple Macs
Search via all popular browsers
Search into attachments planned
Intuitive filtering via the head of each column
Central search - no delays and always up-to-date
Doesn't swamp your network - no local indexing



  Mail Manager CloudFiler
Unlimited licenses per user
Automated allocation (Network licensing)
See who is using the licenses and when
Manage your own licenses
Use more than you own (monthly over usage automatically permitted)
Cost $$$$$ $



  Mail Manager CloudFiler
Role based security
Emails encrypted in transit and at rest
Centrally manage user rights
Built-in Private locations for staff training, health, etc.
Special 'My eyes only' locations
Maintains multiple copies in the cloud for performance and continuity



  Mail Manager CloudFiler
Centrally manage defaults
Central deployment to all devices (PC, Phones, etc.)
No need to manage locally installed versions
Control who can create locations
See who has access to a given location
Outlook never blocks the App
Automatically backs up your data
Automate filing (virtual email accounts for each location) planned



  Mail Manager CloudFiler
On-line chat



  Mail Manager CloudFiler
Rich API
Integrate with financial systems
Add locations via a spreadsheet, database, etc.
VB, C#, HTML, Python, PHP, Swift, Dart, Go, etc.



   Easy data migration

Our Bulk Uploader tool makes the process of switching from Mail Manager to CloudFiler both simple and fast; take a look at our videos.